when I turn 23 and if this isn’t my birthday cake, then people are going to have legit reasons to hate me at 23

Citizen by Kaitlyn Hodnicki on Flickr.

Arrived in 3 days from America, I’m impressed!
I gave you chance after chance, and it’s obvious you haven’t tried at all.

I’ll try to kiss you if you let me

I was in Hot Topic the other day and I was sifting through the vinyl section and this girl and her dad walk up to it, and the dad says to her “that’s right, vinyl made a comeback baby” in this cool stoked voice, and she was like “dad you’re embarrassing me” under her breath but I heard and I just busted out laughing. Omg

I saw you again. I know you fucked him again. Can you comfort yourself with a sense of revenge? Are you leaving me here with the taste of the end?
Glamour Chills.
Anonymous: I remember I once saw you write about Seahaven's song black and white. About the hue lyric. Can you write what you think it means again? 

In the song he says a line “you chased the time apart with alcohol and a fresh vibrant flame, well I do question the value within the hue” a hue is a shade of color and since he’s unsure of it the song is called black and white. He doesn’t trust her anymore and everything she does is one thing or the other