Defend top bunk

Legs are my favorite. Dresses yes, skirts yes, shorts yes, underwear yes, legs yes. Girls with smooth legs yes. Yes gimme, I wanna touch

Defending pop punk at the movies arcade room with Abe

Jennifer Lawrence leaked nudes are hot af


The Story So Far - Rally Cap

Tigers Jaw - Between Your Band And The Other Band (x)

brand new - millstone
I’m so sick of fights, I hate them. Let’s start this again, for real.

If I had a girlfriend we would be making out with jolly ranchers and listening to balance and composure rn

It’ll be like old times. I know that you don’t give a fuck, cause you’re knee deep in your iPhone
Anonymous: do you like anybody right now? 

Honestly girls are just too confusing for me, and my walls are so high it’s pretty hard to get into anyways. Doomed for life.

first thing I do when I go to someones blog is look for music taste, face, and butt pics