Really happy bc new merch came in ❤️

does the thought of me keep you up at night?

Real Friends - Maybe This Place Is The Same And We’re Just Changing // Heavy Bronze On Ultra Clear // 500
Anonymous: I've fallen in love with you 


When I went to watch the purge last week I got carded. I looked at the girl dead in the eyes and I tried so damn hard not to laugh. Was that even real life


Basement - Further Sky 7”
First Pressing - Clear /500

Back to school supplies are out at my Walmart, and one thing I have always LOVED is the smell of new backpacks. I always go into the backpack isle with all the cool Disney backpacks and smell them. I’m weird.

I’ve felt so empty these last few days

I need friends who actually want to do stuff. I don’t understand how people find so many things boring, I enjoy the simplest shit.


Real Friends- Summer
(Flickr; Original photo)

Stonehands - Balance and Composure (x)

The Front Bottoms // Rams Head Live // 6•25•14