Anonymous: hey so i live in austin too and i was wondering where do you know of any good places to park for going to shows at emos because i like to park near trinity but walking from their too emos is really far.. :/ and i want to go to a couple of shows their but parking is my only issue.. 

The new emos or the old? The new one has a parking lot, you can literally always find parking for it. Just park across the street by the Auto Zone, they shouldn’t like ticket you or anything, ive done it. Also you live in Austin yet you don’t say hi to me, boo

Anonymous: Is it a deal breaker if the girl doesn't listen to the same music as you? Not necessarily doesn't like it, just doesn't listen to it. 

I mean I wouldn’t think so but car rides and such would be weird as heck, and how would I listen to my vinyl? oh god. I wanna say it wouldn’t be though. I once dated a girl who didn’t listen to my music. As long as she doesn’t have shit music taste, THAT’s a deal breaker.

You are still here, you are still happy, you are still smiling, laughing. You are still the only thing, and everything I need in my life.
Anonymous: What's one thing you can't stand? 

Honestly when people post wrong lyrics on pictures, or songs on here lol. I’m like, NO THAT’S ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS, THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY SAY.

Anonymous: Ideal date? 

We’d go on top of a roof to watch the sun go down on a nice summer day. The weather is warm, not hot, but just perfect. We’d listen to Seahaven and eat pizza.


Pretty happy this came today
Real Friends - Maybe This Place is the Same and We’re Just Changing
Blue with yellow splatter /500

Neck deep shirt from warped

The opening of “The Bastards, The Vultures, The Wolves” gets me every time. Chills man.